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    I'm a central Utah dairy farmer, a father, husband and that's about all there's time for. My farm has been in my family for 5 generations, and I am proud to continue the tradition. This newfangled thing called Twitter has opened up a whole new world to me and I am excited to share that with you. This blog is my story, but will also be the stories of other farmers all over the country.

Recovering nicely

Yesterday I showed us casting a calf’s broken leg. By that night she was much better. By the next morning, she was up walking around, already getting used to her new solid leg. She hadn’t been able to walk before, most calves can walk within the first couple hours.
Just wanted you all to see her up and walking around, and I hope it made you as happy as it did me.

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Dr. Dairy Farmer

Sometimes, just as with humans, accidents happen. In this case the calf’s mother had twins, while she was caring for the other calf, she stepped on this calf’s leg and broke it. As soon as we noticed this, we did everything we could to keep it comfortable while we got the necessary supplies to cast it’s leg.

First we put one of our socks on it’s leg to keep it as clean and comfortable as possible. Second we put a thick layer of cotton padding on the leg. Third we wrap it with a wrap called “vet wrap”. It’s like athletic tape for animals. Last we put the actual casting material on its leg, making sure to hold it straight so it will heal properly.

We care for our animals just as we do our own families. Most of us spend more time with them than we do our own families. When they hurt, we hurt, and we want to do everything we can to help them recover and get better.


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Herd Health Day

Today is Herd Health day here at Bown Dairy Farm. Our D.V.M. Dr. Robert Harding is here every Thursday to do pregnancy and health checks on our cows.  Our two herdsman keep an eye on the cows daily to monitor their overall health, but this is equivalent to your regular doctor visits. He uses an Ultra sound machine to check for pregnancies, and he does a chekup on any cows that may be showing signs of stress or illness. His beautiful assistant (my wife) keeps a record of the results and the enters them into our computer.

We love our cows, and a healthy cow is a happy cow!


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Dairy Tours

Hello again-

We recently were  a part of a small group of young cooperators (YC) that took a tour up to visit some immaculate dairies in southern Idaho. We crammed just as many of us as we could into a van and headed out for Idaho.


Our first dairy stop was the Si-Ellen Dairy. The dairy is operated by Mike Roth and his 7 siblings. They relocated from Washington and Oregon in 1994. The dairy is immaculately clean and pristine for such a large operation. There calving facility was by far one of the best I’ve seen.  They take great pride, as we all do, in keeping things neat and tidy and ready for a tour group to drop by anytime.

Next we loaded back up and headed out to the Whitesides dairy. It is another dairy that is very well kept. They are also a family business comprised of 8 general partners. Whitesides dairy Inc also has one of only 2 dairies in Hawaii. That’s the next dairy on my last I want to visit.

Our last dairy was Midway dairy run by Allan Jarrett and his family. Another very clean place. One of his boys who is a DVM has added a high tech blood lab right on sight. Jarretts ate also known for there bull stable. We had even added some to our own herd years ago.

I really enjoy getting out to see other dairies. I always seem to pick up a few things I like or that we could do better on our own place. Even if it’s something as simple as the way they latch a gate differently.
One thing that you always hear at least once when your with a group of dairy men and women, is how dairying is “in our blood”. It’s something we love and in most cases, something ever loved for generations. I feel very fortunate to be a small part of this great industry.


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